The GEC Curriculum

The Genesee Early College curriculum focuses on inquiry and project based instruction that leads to a medical career foundations experience in grade 12 and culminates into a work-based learning experience in grade 13. Students obtain multiple certifications and experience that will help them pursue competitive postsecondary health-related programs. 

The GEC Course Book provides additional information about high school  courses available for GEC students. For more information about courses at UM-Flint please click on UM-Flint Course Catalog. Before enrolling in college courses, GEC students are advised by the GEC counselor and a UM-Flint counselor/advisor. All college courses must be approved by the GEC counselor or administrator.

Work-Based Learning Experience

Below are links to documents commonly used by students during their work-based learning experience, as well as resources that assist students and parents with preparing for the work-based learning experience:
  • Attendance Sheet – 1st Semester 
  • Attendance Sheet – 2nd Semester
  • Confidentiality Agreement 
  • Emergency Card
  • Employer Training Agreement
  • Employer-Based Programs Training Plan
  • Evaluation
  • Log Sheet and Grading System
  • Professional Image Standards
  • Recommendation Form
  • Rules and Regulations 
  • Student Goal Sheet – 1st Semester 
  • Student Goal Sheet – 2nd Semester
  • Student-Parent Agreement