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Criminal Record Checks & Fingerprinting

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1. What is PESG?
2. What will change for substitute teachers employed by PESG?
3. Which districts employ substitutes through PESG?
4. How will I receive and accept jobs with PESG?
5. Can I be employed by PESG and also by the districts that are not contracting with PESG for substitute teachers?
6. How do I become employed by PESG?


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1. What is the Mid Michigan Area Public Schools (MMAPS) Consortium?
2. What districts are in the Consortium?
3. Is there a fee to apply with the Consortium? How long does my application stay on file?
4. How do I apply to the Consortium?
5. Can I apply to individual district postings?
6. Will someone from the MMAPS contact me?
7. How do I revise my application that is already in the system?
8. Will I be notified of open positions within the consortium?

Genesee Early College

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1. What is the application process?
2. What does the application packet require?
3. How does transportation for students to and from GEC work?
4. What time does school start and end each day?
5. What are lunch options?
6. At what point do students start taking college level classes?
7. Are there activities and clubs available to GEC students on campus?
8. How challenging is the curriculum?
9. Where are classes held?
10. Are there a specific number of students accepted from each Genesee County high school?
11. Is there a cost to attend GEC?
12. What if I have additional questions about Genesee Early College?

Mott Middle College

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1. What are the basic admission requirements?
2. What should I do first?
3. What should I do next?
4. What is the guideline about having a criminal record?
5. What kind of degree can my student obtain?
6. What type of transportation is available to and from school?
7. Where is Mott Middle College located?
8. What student population does Mott Middle College serve?
9. What does Mott Middle College expect from their students?
10. What does Mott Middle College promise their students?


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1. I have a question about TeacherVUE or Grade Book. Who do I ask?
2. Where can I find tip sheets or video trainings on TeacherVUE and Grade Book?
3. How do I change my password in TeacherVUE?
4. Why are there no pictures on my seating chart?
5. Will I be notified if I get a new student or if a student drops my class?
6. How can I see StudentVUE?
7. Can I add incident referrals for students who are not in my classroom?
8. Can I see disposition and intervention information for my discipline referrals?
9. Can I change my attendance once it's been entered into TeacherVUE?
10. Can I put in specific attendance codes such as illness or school activity?
11. Can I view the most recent attendance on the left side near the student's name in attendance list?
12. Can I take attendance using something other than seating chart or the attendance list?
13. Can I take attendance once a day instead of twice?
14. How can I tell what an attendance code means?
15. I can't see student notifications on my seating chart. How do I add them?
16. I'm missing students from my seating chart. Where did they go?
17. What does the red arrow in the grade book mean?
18. How do I show comment codes in the Grade Book?
19. Can I add my own comment codes into the Grade Book?
20. How do I show dropped students in the grade book?
21. What is the difference between Max Score and Points?
22. I created a new assignment but don't see it in the grade book. What happened to it?
23. How can I tell if a student has loaded an assignment into the drop box?
24. I only see homework, test, and quiz for my assignment types. Can I add more?
25. How can I share my grade book with other staff members?
26. Can I copy assignments to staff who I share my grade book with?
27. How do I print out reports via TeacherVUE or Grade Book?
28. I'm getting an error with some of my TeacherVUE reports. What do I do?
29. I'm not seeing the correct grading scale on my grade book or progress reports. How can I change it?
30. Do I have to print out progress reports or report cards?
31. I'm not seeing attendance information on my report cards. What do I do?
32. What are the steps needed to print elementary report cards?
33. Can I preview my student's report card?
34. None of my grades were pulled over to the progress reports or the report cards. Why?
35. How do I post grades for secondary progress reports or report cards?
36. How do I add comments to progress reports?
37. I'm an elementary specials teacher who hasn't put in grades in the Grade Book. How do I complete my standards-based report cards?
38. How do I add comments to elementary report cards?
39. How do I add comments to secondary report cards?
40. Will my comments disappear if I re-transfer my grades to the report card?
41. Will my comments disappear after I generate a new progress report?
42. XWill my comments disappear if I re-post my grades?