Will someone from the MMAPS contact me?
You will receive an email confirming successful submission of your application. If you do not receive an email confirmation, it is most likely due to a spam-blocker installed on your computer. The MMAPS staff will not contact you by phone regarding the status of your application. If you are considered for a position by one of the member districts, then that district will contact you, either via email or by telephone.

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1. What is the Mid Michigan Area Public Schools (MMAPS) Consortium?
2. What districts are in the Consortium?
3. Is there a fee to apply with the Consortium? How long does my application stay on file?
4. How do I apply to the Consortium?
5. Can I apply to individual district postings?
6. Will someone from the MMAPS contact me?
7. How do I revise my application that is already in the system?
8. Will I be notified of open positions within the consortium?