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Transition Center

Our Mission
The Transition Center's mission is to provide instruction that emphasizes the development of both vocational and daily living skills necessary for students to become productive adults and community members.

Our Program
Genesee Intermediate School District's (GISD) Transition Center is a program for students with moderate cognitive impairments. Our program is based on a supported curriculum model focusing on adult work/life skills. The National Secondary Transitional Technical Assistance Center, Brigance, and Michigan Model Supported Independence Curriculum are used to individualize student goals. The Transition Center serves post-secondary students from GISD Center-Based Programs and Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in Genesee County. Program instruction includes:
  • Prevocational and Vocational Employability
  • Community Access to Recreational Activities
  • Personal Health Care
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Personal Safety
  • Consumer Education
  • Communication Skills
  • Person-Centered Planning
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Job Exploration
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Basic Home Care Skills

Program Services
Our program provides job exploration training and based on student success, an Individualized Vocational Training (IVT) or Work-Study Program (WSP) may be offered. Another program focus is the development of adult life skills, which includes teaching students how to live independently in the community. Our primary goal is to teach students to develop into self-sufficient workers and community members. Parent/guardian/student team meetings provide an opportunity for cohesive program planning. Project CHOICE options available.  

Project CHOICE
Children's Options for Integration into Community Environments (CHOICE), also known as GISD Project CHOICE, are classrooms located in schools throughout Genesee County. This option offers an alternative classroom setting for students from GISD center programs. 

Student Code of Conduct

Transition Center Annual Education Report, as required by the Michigan Department of Education.

Contact Information
Jeanne Quinlan, Principal
Phone: 810-591-5018
Fax: 810-591-0556

More Information
(810) 591-5019
3136 South Linden Road, Flint (view map)

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