Ligon Outdoor Center


The Ligon Outdoor Center serves the outdoor education/passive recreational needs of students and educators in the Genesee and Lapeer Intermediate School Districts. Located in the northeastern part of Genesee County, this diverse 268-acre parcel of nearly pristine land provides teachers and students a natural setting to engage in various teaching and learning techniques.

Community organizations can also use Ligon for retreats, conferences, field trips, and special events. The Conference Center at Ligon is connected to the countywide GenNET fiber optic system, which provides Internet access and distance learning program capabilities.


Ligon's wide variety of trees, wildflowers, and abundant animal life, in conjunction with a lake and a 10-acre wetland, provide the perfect setting for out-of-classroom learning. Many organized events occur at the Ligon Outdoor Center during the year. Available activities include:

  • Animal Tracks Challenge
  • Archaeological (Fossil) Dig and Gold Panning
  • Circuit Electricity
  • Creative writing
  • Entomology
  • Fine arts projects and outdoor arts
  • Hiking and cross-country skiing
  • Inservice training/professional development
  • Leaf and tree identification/bark rubbings
  • Lighter than Air
  • Motion and Energy
  • Orienteering/geocaching
  • Outdoor arts
  • Outdoor/environmental education curriculum development
  • Owl Pellets
  • Research projects
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Seed identification
  • Team building/low ropes activities
  • Wildflower identification

For More Information

For information on the Ligon Outdoor Center, contact Ranger Jason Bentley at (810) 591-4200. Visits may also be scheduled online.

Ligon Outdoor Center is located at:
5213 East Farrand Road
Clio, MI 48420