Mathematics and Science Leadership Networks

Mathematics and Science Leadership Networks

Math and Science Leadership Networks were established to overcome the fiscal obstacle for groups of teachers to attend professional learning and to increase subject area leadership across the Genesee Area Math/Science Center (GAMSC) service region.

These networks consist of math and science experts, program coordinators, and teachers, who with direction from GAMSC, collaborate in achieving a "shared vision" of the Michigan mathematics and science standards. The networks have grown to include more than 250 representatives, with one from nearly every school building in Genesee and Lapeer Counties.

Leaders are expected to share subject related information and resources with building administrators and teachers. If you are interested in joining one of these networks, please speak to your administrator, then sign up online here.

Opportunities and resources are shared regularly in the form of email blasts, one of which is the biweekly Science Matters.

If you are not receiving these eblasts regularly, please contact the state coordinator, Dave Bydlowski by email.