GISD Announces Winners of 2020 Spelling Bee

GISD Announces Winners of 2020 Spelling Bee
Posted on 03/13/2020
2020 Spelling Bee Winners for 9-12 grades

2020 Spelling Bee Champions 5-8 grades
FLINT– The Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Countywide Spelling Bee. The competition was held earlier this month. This year, 282 students from schools across Genesee County put their spelling skills to the test with
24 of those students going on to compete in the Champion of Champions Bee. The top three spellers from each grade level faced off (grades 5-8 and grades 9-12) with the winners taking a trophy back to their school to be on display for a year. 

GISD congratulates all the students who participated in the Spelling Bee. Below are the names of the top 2020 Spelling Bee Championship Winners and those who placed in their division:

5th - 8th Grade Championship Winners          9th - 12th Grade Championship Winners

1st Place:  Aaron Pierce                                      1st Place:  Lily Zuber 
                 Flushing                                                               Flushing             

2nd Place:  Aston Black                                       2nd Place: Michael Benko
                 Mt. Morris                                                             Flushing

3rd Place:  Hashem Jafari                                    3rd Place:  Kaden Bredow
                 Genesee Academy                                               Mt. Morris

Grade Level Winners

Grade 4                                                Grade 5                                                               Grade 6

1st – Liam Ngo                                       1st – Cassidy Odom                                              1st – Hashem Jafari
       Grand Blanc                                           Westwood Heights                                                Genesee Academy

2nd – Amelia Mahon                               2nd – Hady Alouh                                                  2nd – Aaron Pierce
        Goodrich                                                Genesee Academy                                               Flushing

3rd – MJ Sanborn                                   3rd – Andrew Yuschak                                           3rd – Sophie Wetherell                   Grand Blanc                                          Goodrich                                                                Clio


Grade 7                                                Grade 8                                                               Grade 9
1st – Carter Reynolds                             1st – Lila Urogdy                                                   1st – Tonicia Burton             
        Woodland Park Academy                       Goodrich                                                              Mt. Morris

2nd – Aston Black                                   2nd – Jaime Piazza                                                2nd – Alex Long
         Mt. Morris                                              St. John Vianney                                                   Flushing

3rd – Jia Patel                                        3rd – Aysia Golden                                                3rd – Isabella Severn
         Grand Blanc                                          Carman-Ainsworth                                                Mt. Morris

Grade 10                                              Grade 11                                                             Grade 12

1st – Danielle Valliere                             1st – Michael Benko                                              1st – John Dunavan            
        Bentley                                                   Flushing                                                                 Mt. Morris

2nd – Ryan Bendle                                 2nd – Micah Helzerman                                          2nd – Lily Zuber 
Mt. Morris                                               Mt. Morris                                                               Flushing

3rd -  Kaden Bredow                               3rd – Mousaab Jafari                                             3rd – Allie Hathaway
        Mt. Morris                                               Carman-Ainsworth                                                Lake Fenton

*Names of those in photos:

5-8 Grade Champions (l-r):   Hashem Jafari, Aaron Pierce, Aston Black

9-12 Grade Champions (l-r): Michael Benko, Lily Zuber, Kaden Bredow